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About Us

Seeking God, Changing Lives

International Rescue IPAM is a global community of people, who love Jesus and want to see the world impacted through the love He has given us through the Holy Spirit. We strongly believe that prayer should lead to action, and now more than ever is the time to reach out to others in need of practical help, healing and reassurance.

Prayer - our goal is to establish Upper Rooms in England and Wales. We are calling Prophets, Seers, Intercessors, and Prayer Warriors to the hidden ministry of intercession. We seek the heart of the Father so we can pray proactively, and prophetically, creating the news headlines, rather than praying reactively after reading it.


Upper Room Stourport carries a mandate to pray for the United Kingdom, whilst Upper Room Saundersfoot carries a mandate to pray for the nations. Both upper rooms carry the additional mandate of ministering and manifesting the Kingdom of God to their towns.

Mission - our goal is to work with trusted partners across the globe, to help meet the needs of widows and orphans by establishing secure communities where we can provide food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare. It is our long-term mission to create self-sustaining projects that provide hope, and a pathway for individuals to support themselves through employment or establishing small businesses. As we go we share the love of God and preach the good news of the Gospel at every opportunity.

Whether it be prayer or mission we acknowledge that without an intimate relationship with God, we can do nothing.


Our Story

In 2009 a dream began to rise of building an orphanage in Sri Lanka, but I didn't know how to start or what to do with it. One Sunday as I was travelling to church in South Wales I sensed the Lord wanted me to share this vision with someone I knew in the church. As I shared the vision, the person told me he had just paid for a Sri Lankan Christian to get out of jail in Egypt and he'd gone back to Sri Lanka. The following week I was given a name and an address and I sent a letter. Six months later I got an email from my brother Karthik. 'Yes come and we will work together'. That was 2009, and although the dream never went away, life happened and I had no clue where to begin.


Fast forward to April 2021. It's my birthday and I'm praying about many things including Sri Lanka. When I came out of prayer and checked my emails there was one from Karthik. He said, 'In 2009 you said you were coming to Sri Lanka to build an orphanage. When are you coming? I still have your letter!" I was convicted!' I felt the Lord was asking me the same question, "Yes, when are you going?" There then unfolded a sequence of events, all in quick succession, including Kamarwe Peace reaching out to me concerning the children in her care in Uganda. I sent a small amount of money and she used it as she said she would. And with that International Rescue was conceived.


This is only the foreword or preface to our story, and it has been twelve years in the procrastinating but momentum is building. The answer as to how we do this is the same as it was back in 2009 - by faith!  I believe the necessary details will follow in due course. Please join us on the journey. We covet your prayers, knowledge and creativity. Please check out our other pages for more detail on each of the projects and how you can be involved. This isn't about feeding the poor, this is about raising disciples and seeing nations prosper.

Andy Rudge - November 2021 - Stourport-on-Severn, UK

Meet The Team

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