Comfort Food

COMING SOON... Comfort Food is a small online group created to provide a safe space for people to talk during lunch time.

If you have a mental or physical health condition (diagnosed or not); struggling with life, bereaved, betrayed, feeling isolated or simply having a bad day, then comfort food is for you. Our trained team are here to help and encourage you.


We are tri-part beings consisting of spirit, soul and body, but modern healthcare and many of its remedies tend to consentrate on the body and soul. However we take a faith based approach believing that healing comes through the spirit of a person.

If you need to let off some steam or just talk then make plans to join us.

Further information will be released in 2022... In the meantime if you would like us to pray for you please email your request to or message us via our Facebook page.

Below you will find some resources to help your spirit, soul and body.