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Mission Busunju, Uganda

In 2021 The Lord connected us with Kamarwe Peace and her brother Norman, who run Prossy Foundation in Kasikombe Village. They currently have 23 children, either abandoned or orphaned, in their care. We are in the process of securing accommodation for them as the current landlord has given notice for them to leave.                                                                             


In the west we can be sceptical about sending money to African organisations, however Peace and Norman have operated their Foundation with integrity and the fear of the Lord.

International Rescue's vision for mission is to build gated communities where orphans and widows can survive and thrive. Our goal is to build an orphanage, school, health clinic, church and houses for widows and their families; to feed, clothe, house, educate, train, provide healthcare and opportunities for individuals and eventually the whole community to become self-sufficient through small business grants and meaningful work. We hope to achieve this developing commercial opportunities as they arise mainly through agriculture and tourism. We are currently seeking suitable land in the area to begin this project work.

Meet our children and see how you can help. A little goes a long way in Uganda.

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Mission Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Trincomalee map.png

Although the Sri Lankan civil war ended in 2009 there are many still affected by the atrocities associated with it. In January 2020 the Sri Lankan government finally admitted that the 20,000 missing Sri Lankan's were dead.


Long before this in 2009, the Lord gave me a vision for an orphanage in the east of Sri Lanka in a city called Trincomalee. The vision quickly grew from an orphanage into a gated community called 'Jacob's Well', based on the story in John chapter four where Jesus meets the woman at the well. Our goal is to build a similar community to what we have described in Mission Busunju.

Our partners on the ground, Karthik Sellapa and his wife Priya are currently searching for suitable property or land in this part of Sri Lanka. Progress has been hampered due to COVID 19 restrictions, and now that restrictions are lifting extreme weather is causing problems across the nation. However, there is much work to do with the street children and supporting Christians who tend to be marginalised and only able to obtain the poorest paid jobs. We believe that the Christian community can be key in the reconciliation process to bring all sides together following the civil war. We at International Rescue want to play our part in empowering that process.

Mission Lilongwe, Malawi

In 2017 I met a mother who told the story of her husband and her son. Both were pronounced dead at exactly the same time of day, on the same date but three years apart. Both died from the same cause - HIV/Aids


"You have to come to Malawi and help us build clinics. Land is not a problem but we need your help"


This lady shared the struggles she had gone through in trying to keep her son alive as they struggled to get him the dialysis treatment he needed. This struggle was in the capital too, one of the most developed areas of the nation. In other parts of the country Malawians are forced to use health clinics located within UN refugee camps because the health infrastructure is so poor in the country.


The vision is to build a health clinic, healing rooms, chapel and peace garden on the outskirts of Lilongwe. Once this location has been established we will repeat the success in other regions of the country as the need is identified. 

We are currently working with a Malawian church in Birmingham England to establish reliable contacts on the ground in Malawi.


In the meantime we are financially supporting two sisters who are resident at an orphanage run by Living Water Malawi.

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