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Our Children.

On 10 January 2022 schools in Uganda reopened for the first time in two years. Many of our children have experienced a limited amount of education because of the difficult backgrounds they emerged from. Our top priority at this time is to place them back into the education system, providing some stability and hope for their future. Please consider donating towards or sponsoring a child's education for this year. Details of each child and how to get involved are below. We are interested in seeking corporate sponsorship for each child. If you or your organisation would like to help as part of your social value or corporate social responsibility please contact Andy Rudge on +44 (0)7341 230727 or email


Agaruraho Prossy (pictured left) started her orphanage for children in 2019 in the name of Prossy Foundation. She was tragically killed in a motor accident on 1 February 2020. Her brother and sister, Ainaagye Norman and Kamarwe Peace have continued her work with the children that were in their care.

Prossy Foundation is in the process of becoming International Rescue Intercessory Prayer and Mission CIC (Uganda) Ltd. We are all committed to fulfilling the God given vision that Prossy began.

*Sponsorship costs are based on the US Dollar, and the cost in British Pounds or Euros is based on the prevailing exchange rate. These rates are updated weekly.

If you would like to sponsor one of our children and want to discuss further please contact Andy Rudge on +44 (0)7341 230727 or email 

If you have seen sufficient information and are ready to make payment then our banking details are here. Or simply PayPal the sponsorship to Please include the name of the child in the reference field.
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